My name is Bobby Caruso and I am a Millennial Entertainment Journalist and rising sophomore at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts, as well as a freelance writer for Celebrity Watchdog and its’ affiliate sites.

I am ultimately working towards a career as an Entertainment Broadcast Journalist, specifically for television, with training in web, print, and broadcast journalism. I also have years of training in public speaking, theater, and improvisation.

Tim Palmioli | AtWater Studios 2014

On campus I am a student leader who holds both volunteer and paid positions. One of my most significant roles is as a Peer Advisor. In this position I am given a group of 20 incoming students, and act to help them transition to university life. I am also the Public Relations representative for our drama club as well as an active member. Lastly, I help to represent our campus as a Tour Guide, and Open House Associate. I also recently began the site, MillenialBuzz.com

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